The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What can we learn from Denton Texas

Denton Texas had over 270 wells that were polluting water and air, it was already very dirty and the oil industry wanted to drill more.
Denton Texas has oil and gas rigs in the city limits. So does Dallas and many other cities in the US. I am working on pushing this organizing in order to help protect the entire Alb. Basin.
In Denton, Only after the despoiling of the water, air and health effects started hitting the residents did the town , in 2014, voted for a Fracking ban. Do we have to wait for that to happen here before people wake up and standup to protect their supply? We all drink from the same pond, the County commission must make the decision between water or oil. They cannot have both.

Water is life! 
In response to the 2014 city referendum prohibiting hydraulic fracturing (fracking) that passed with 59% of the vote, Texas enacted a law specifying "the exclusive jurisdiction of this state to regulate oil and gas operations in this state and the express preemption of local regulation of those operations", though it allows some "commercially reasonable" rules. Denton says it will "continue to enforce our current regulations to protect the health and safety of our residents, but we do not know how the operators or courts will react".
The oil and gas industry is working with the association of counties to preempt regulations in New Mexico in this legislative session.
Meaning, if allowed this will be a taking of our property rights and resources for the drilling nearly 5,000 wells (including within the city limits) from the AMREP mineral leases that were sold in 2014 to Thrust Energy. Multinational banks in Japan have purchased those Rights.
Not sure if you know this but when the Sandridge application came up last year at the county they wanted to drill another well in the RR city limits as well.
Are you willing to stand up for your water supply?
There is a Trainwreck heading our way and we need a moratorium to discuss the water protection safeguards.”

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