The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DAPL Is On Our Doorstep

As the country celebrated MLK day I heard no one referring to the #noDAPL water protectors, perhaps there were and it was not covered. Similar to the March on Bloody Sunday In Selma Alabama, our country witnessed the bloody Backwater Bridge Sunday. We continue to witness, even on the day the celebrate MLK Day (last night), the brutal attack using fascist tactics to support corporate greed that is supported by taxpayer dollars. These authoritarian actions are designed to break and beat down the protectors. The protectors are standing up because they believe they have a moral responsibility to protect their lands, waters and children's futures.

MLK would be leading actions all over this country in support of the water protectors. There are 10states that have active protest happening to stop this production for overseas profits.

These are the coalitions and allies that must be formed to make systemic changes in our system.

It was discuss in ABq City council in October 2016 that Mayor Berry and Brad Winters were Looking into hiring BlackWater (WhiteSwan) to privatize the ABQ police force. These leaders know that this oil drilling and property taking is on the near. Horizon and instead of working to protect our water and rights, they are looking to hire the same security force that are committing all these civil and human rights violations at #NoDAPL. See pics

Rocket launchers aimed at the camp that holds woman, children, elders, with rubber bullets and tear gas in the middle of the night, in the middle of Amerikkka, in the frozen snow covered deep north, against the unarmed, against youth, against the indigenous, against the future. This is what they do for oil, fuel of hatred, fuel of greed, fuel of delusion.

In Dec over 4,000 Veterans answers the call to stand up to DAPL, a paramilitary mercenary police force.

They are on our doorstep. It is that bad.

Unarmed water protected shot in the face with rubber bullet so far over 500 water
Protectors have been arrested and over 300 have been injured. Today report of DAPL security running over a woman water protector she was transported by police we are waiting to hear on her condition. This young man was shot in the face on Monday Evening.

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