The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Monday, January 16, 2017

Video of Jay Block Sandoval County Board of County Commissioners meeting

Here is Jay Block's response on the record regarding Johanna Rouke ousting
On the P&Z commission

Jay Block @ Sandoval Co Commission 1-12-17 in the ousting of P&Z commissioner  Johanna Rouke meeting minutes of October BoCC shows the her term for 2 years.  The planning and zoning dept Head Mike Springfield, who appears to be pockets of oil and gas,  made the corrupt recommendation to the  Commissioner to replace people on the P&Z who will be favorable to the industry and who are not representative of the area of Corrales. Falsely comissioner  Block take responsibility for Mike Springfields attempt to plant and co-opt the policies and regulations of the open meeting act.

This is a legal forum and you don't get to yell do over without accountability.

If the County is going to rely on an Attorney who has also guided them incorrectly on the IPRA case that is front of them, I believe the County is opening themselves up to lawsuits that will cost the taxpayers in the long run. The Attorney is only giving an interpretation I agree with Jay Block on that point.

 I can tell from firsthand experience that  the Office of the Attorney General determined that the county violated the IPRA law and still will not give us the unredacted public safety emergency response plan document. These actions further disrupts and obstructs the oil and gas ordinance and our ability to comment and ensure the  public safety in an emergency. We are now lawyering up on IPRA.  Thanks Sandoval County you are only making our case stronger in The long run.

Our solution is:
1.) to fire Mike Springfield for purposefully violating the law  and for misleading the Commissioners, staff and public to seat oil friendly candidates.

2.) The county commissioners should revisit a moratorium on the oil and gas ordinance for one year so they are not obstructing further the voice of the people who have been trying to work with a corrupt county official and could avoid further embarrassment from him.

Commissioner Block had no way of knowing that Springfield was misleading him. Mr. Block  taking responsibility was a deflection of the county planning  director efforts to usurp  the law.

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