The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stop Fracking the Rio Grande Valley Facebook page under the files tab has all the documents that we have on the issue. You are invited to browse and download what you need.

Fliers are avaialble in B&W and Color to pass out in your neighborhood.
The latest Newsletter is also Avaialbe if you a PDF copy.

Recommendations from our grassroots citizen group for alternative solutions:

1. Vote down approval of the rezoning change and protect the community, property and human rights in the County of Sandoval. 
2. We recommend a Moratorium on Fracking and Oil drilling in Sandoval County for all the region. Santa Fe County already has one in place.
3. Institute a Carbon Fee and Dividend (direct to households) system on all Hydro Carbon Sources to all new and existing wells is an economic solution for Budget shortfalls from oil and gas. 
4. 10 Million dollars or more should be the start of the bonding process for any venture and that is not considering a Post Closure, on closing wells and cleanup operations, when companies like Sandridge go bankrupt

If there are any other reccomendations please post in comments 
AMREP 10,000 Parcels to Develop Oil and Gas

All the brown dots are the land holdings for AMREP. They hold 10,000 parcels that they could lease oil and gas mineral rights.

Once one Special Use Permit and rezoning change is granted it opens the door to a massive oil and gas development that will change the Rio Grande Valley forever. 

The risks outweigh the benefits of oil and gas exploration and production:

1. A rezoning changes with effect the property values of residential and agricultural lands in the area from 10 – 30%.
2. Fugitive Hydrocarbon releases including methane, which have new regulation from the EPA are regulated by NMED Air Quality, which has an industry run task force deciding their own restrictions.
3. On Dec 10th P&Z Meeting OCD Division Director said there are no Groundwater Contamination from oil and Gas Drilling but the on their website there is a 35 page report listing all the groundwater contamination in the state from oil and gas Drilling. Fracking is exempt from the Clean Water Act and therefore contamination  of drinking water well supply is in peril. THIS INCLUDEs CAA, CWA, RCRA, NEPA, EPCRTKA
State and Local governments have no jurisdiction over regulating the fracking aspects of this industry.  This is why people refer to this industry as unregulated
4. Once the permitting is approve and the drilling begins other permits for flaring and venting and injection wells can be applied for and approved without pubic hearings.
5. No public notice to residents from a private lease holding was given to area residents before the permit was issued.
6. Requires millions of gallons of water to drill despite Sandridge downplaying water usage and health affects from Flow Back.
7. Noise of generators run 24/7,
8. Trucks one an hour driving past homes and schools and traffic up and down Hwy 550, Unser Blvd and out to the drill site.
9. Trucking regulations require fracking liquids truck to post placards on liquids hauled, which shows toxic mix of chemicals that are subject to spills.
10. Sandridge energy has refused to stop injecting wells even at the request of Oklahoma OCC and the Gov. Of Oklahoma.
11. Sandridge energy has been delisted from the NYSE
12. Questions regarding Financial Assurance permit from the NM OCD have not been answered.  The permit should be revoked.
13. Fracking is not a regulated industry in the State of NM only an oil-drilling permit is given and regulated, with oversight on the well drilling casing have oversight.
14. The drilling companies only have to disclose their drilling fluids type and amounts AFTER the drilling is done in a final closure report.
15. Spills happen on the fracking pad and platform. These spills of drilling fluids will wash into arroyos a seep into the aquifer through alluvium percolation and migration into the aquifer.
16. The Rezoning change affects the integrity of the residential and agricultural properties adjacent and near and within an 8-mile impact zone from the fracking pad site.
17. Fracking and Injection well storage causes earthquakes according to the USGS.
18. Bonding rates for the area rise,
19. Insurance will not cover property damage from manmade disasters.
20. Health effects to children pregnant woman and elderly and those with immune deficiencies.
21. The bonding process doesn’t begin to cover cleanup and closure and if there were any disaster for flaring, venting, drilling, hauling, noise, and health issues caused by direct or indirect pollution sources. The bonding process for oil and gas wells in the state does not begin to cover the expenses of what these operations bear on existing neighborhoods and residents or the expenses on closure and cleanup leaving the taxpayers the bill. According to EPA most state programs lack the following and are ignored in most oil and gas producing states.
a. Lining of ponds
b. Impediment of Surface water runoff
c. Maintenance requirements under
d. Solid-waste management oversight
e. Facility Requirements
f. Closure and Reclamations Requirements
g. Ground Water Monitoring
h. Leachate collections requirement
i. Air monitoring to the stands that are required to combat climate change
j. Proper waste characterization
22. Shell explored this area and found nothing that would be feasible or productive.  (See Bruce Black Report 1980 NM Geologist Society)
23. In other states is that when a drilling company goes bankrupt, leaving cleanup to local and state authorities, they have been incorporating under another name and they continue to lease and drill.  A few states have passed laws stating that if a drilling company, goes bankrupt they are not allowed to incorporate under another name.
24. AMREP/Outterrim Investments have 10,000 parcels of land that can be privately leased in the area once they get permission to drill.  Approval of this rezoning change, a special exception, or special use application opens the door the checkerboard fracking in Rio Rancho Estates and the Albuquerque Basin.  This will result in a property taking from Residential and Agricultural properties.
25. Conservation land is adjacent and near by that this operation will spoil the integrity of the purpose of enjoyment of open space and conversation land to protect the arroyos from spills that may migrate into drinking water and the Rio Grande.
26. There has been no cost benefit analysis.
27. The dangling carrot of severance tax and other revenues such as the GRT Gross Receipts Tax, which was to total $54 M to State coffers according to their verbal presentation. The State and county can transition from fossil fuel dependence with an ordinance and law of a Carbon Fee and Dividend (direct to Households) system those transitions off of fossil fuel revenues to renewables revenues without loss to the state land grant fund.
28. Chesapeake Energy defrauded thousands out of royalties on gas drilling in Pennsylvania under the reign of CEO Tom Ford who is now heading up Sandridge Energy.
29. Several states and communities have banned fracking because of these issues a moratorium on Fracking and Oil Drilling in Sandoval County should be instated.  They include California, New York, Arkansas, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.
30. Background checks outside of the State of NM were not done to insure financial assurance.
31. Corporations can issue private leases on private land for drilling without accountability to local, state and federal authorities.
 Fracking By the Numbers. PDF American Policy Institute 
 Natural Gas STAR Technology Transfer Pre-Conference Workshop PDF, Sept. 24, 2013 pg.8
 Tom Mullins INDEPENDENT GAS AND OIL PRODUCERS ASSOCATION Presentation to the County Commission Dec. 10, 2015
 New Mexico Oil Conservation Division, Environmental Bureau, Generalized Record of Ground Water Impact Sites, accessed at documents/rptGeneralizedGWImpact.pdf, 20 September
 There are many exemptions for hydraulic fracturing under United States federal law: the oil and gas industries are exempt or excluded from certain sections of a number of the major federal environmental laws. These laws range from protecting clean water and air, to preventing the release of toxic substances and chemicals into the environment: the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, commonly known as Superfund.
 NM OCD Rules and Regulations Website 
 Fracking by the Numbers. PDF pg. 22 the last three paragraphs are telling. 
 David Hughes Post Carbon Institute Shale Gas Reality Check PDF.
 There are many exemptions for hydraulic fracturing under United States federal law: the oil and gas industries are exempt or excluded from certain sections of a number of the major federal environmental laws. These laws range from protecting clean water and air, to preventing the release of toxic substances and chemicals into the environment: the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, commonly known as Superfund.
 Right-to-know Act Exempts citizens’ knowledge of drilling fluids.  ... “Using analyses of organic compounds coupled with inorganic geochemical fingerprinting, estimates of groundwater residence time, and geospatial analyses of shale gas wells and disclosed safety violations, we determined that the dominant source of organic compounds to shallow aquifers was consistent with surface spills of disclosed chemical additives...”
 USGS Report Efforts to Monitor Seismicity in Central Oklahoma D. E. McNamara1, J. L. Rubinstein2, E. Myers1, G. Smoczyk1, H. M. Benz1, R. A. Williams1, G. Hayes1, D. Wilson3, R. Herrmann4, N. D. McMahon5, R. C. Aster5, E. Bergman6, A. Holland7, and P. Earle1
 This shaking destroyed six houses, 20 homes sustained major damage (averaging $80,000 per home for repairs), and 38 homes had minor damage (estimated repair costs of $13,000 per home) (Branstetter and Killman,2015) 
 NM Geologist Society Report Bruce Black 1980 
 Rio Rancho Estates Master Plan Sandoval County Addendum Picture
 Application packet from Sandridge Energy and Rio Rancho Estates Master Plan County of Sandoval 
 Independent Gas and oil Presentation in PDF packet pg. 18 to County Commission Dec. 10 2015
 Recording of Dec10th P&Z Meeting from, Mr. Catanach, Division Chief, NM OCD 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The county still needs to develop oil and gas regulations

The county still needs to develop oil and gas regulations

Staff still insists on misleading the public on water usage.
While the proposed Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Facility is not a light industry/assembly use, the location of the proposed use is in an area of electrical and natural gas facility developments which do not utilize any ground water for their operations. As the proposed use will also not utilize ground water for any aspect of its operation, the proposed use has this similarity to existing energy facilities which supports the water conservation element for new industrial-type development as recommended in the RREAP.

thank you Mike Neas

ALERT:  Sandoval planing and zoning is recommending Denial of the SandRidge application on Jan 28th based on the the information they requested and that SandRidge Failed to give the county.

The Sandoval Planning and Zoning Commission will make their recommendations to then deny the application.

As per the Legal Notice issued by the Staff of the P&Z Commission, Staff, and their attorneys, are recommending DENIAL of SandRidge's application.  Staff includes the actual planner, as well as legal advisors, so the Commission is likely to vote in their favor, but it's not a done deal.

At the public meeting of the P&Z Commission on January 28th, the Commission will hear public comment on the application, and SandRidge is also allowed to comment.  The Commission will then vote on the application.  Only after the vote will denial by the P&Z Commission be official.

This then becomes a recommendation of denial to the County Commission, which will also still need to vote on it.
 Stay vigilant!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Please Sign Petition 

Eleanor Bravo
January 19 at 12:28pm
Please keep this petition going. We need more signatures. We're almost to a 1000
Sign the petition: No Fracking Near Rio Rancho
I just signed a petition to Don G. Chapman, Sandoval County Commission, Makita Hill, Long Range Seni...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Public Information Forum on Stop Fracking Rio Rancho

Forum on Oil and Fracking In Rio Rancho

Together We Are Rio Rancho Strong!

This is the time for you to voice your concerns.

February 11th, 2016
Thursday Evening
5:30-7:30 pm 
Loma Colorado Library  Auditorium

The County Commission will be deciding whether to approve or deny Sandridge Energy and AMREPs application to drill and frack.

This forum is dedicated to giving our residents the tools to Stand Strong against fossil fuel production in our community. 

The Forum participants will each speak about 10 minutes and cover, the political process in how to fight city hall selling water to the fossil fuel industry, what the County Commission needs to hear from you and what you can do to help communities throughout New Mexico by standing up against fracking and oil drilling.

The next steps will be  discussed to initiate a moratorium and subsequent protection through ordinances. This was the second time in a year that oil and gas companies have tried to frack in the Rio Grande Valley Upper Albuquerque Basin.  

We will also discuss the health effects other communities have had as a result of frack and oil drilling.  

There are economic alternatives that can help households throughout the County and New Mexico.

This meeting is taking place before the County Commission Meeting to help people with talking points and actions that will sway the County Commission to deny the Sandridge Energy/AMREP application. 

Make your voice heard.     COME TO THE MEETING. 

Protect our property values, 
Protect our Children. 
Protect our Water Supply 
We are a small grassroots group of residents organizing this event.

We need help setting up and breaking down and with AV equipment
if you can help please contact Elaine Cimino  ecimino10 at

Oil and Hydraulic Fracture Drilling in Rio Rancho NM not in our best interest

Sandridge Energy oil drilling company has applied for permit to drill for oil and hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) for gas 2 miles west of Rio Rancho City Limits.

There are an estimated 7,000 homes west of Unser Blvd that would be in the Red Zone of toxic environmental and economic impacts. Drilling effects would potentially cause earthquakes, water discharges and emissions to the upper Albuquerque Basin and how it affects the Rio Grande Rift.  AMREP/ Outterrim Investments have 10,000 Parcels to lease minerals rights.  

In order to drill near Rio Rancho a zoning change is needed. The Sandoval Planning and Zoning Commission must recommend or deny the Special Use zoning change, then it goes to the County Commission for their approval or denial.

On January 28, 2016 the Planning and Zoning meeting will be held at the County Building at 6 pm public input on zoning change.

If oil drilling were allowed, Rio Rancho would face several risks:

·      Proposed drill site goes directly through Rio Rancho’s aquifer exposing drinking water in the RioRancho municipal and domestic wells to cancer causing toxins. An accidental spill or leak will contaminate aquifer. 

·      Property values have dropped from 10-30% in communities where oil drilling and fracking are present. Can you afford that on your property?

·      Air Contamination from oil and gas drilling is known to cause asthma in children. Children are particularly susceptible.  Oil drilling is known to release Hydrogen Sulfide, which is toxic and flammable.  Surrounding homes may be exposed especially those who have wells.

·      Nearly truck 600 trips 24/7 would be needed to develop one well. If oil and gas is found more oil and gas wells will go up. The truck traffic will increase causing damage to roads and increased noise levels near homes with this cost are transferred to the taxpayer.

·      Are you prepared to buy clean water and truck to your home? Are you prepared for purchasing 500 to 1,000 water storage tanks for drinking water?


We need the largest turn out ever!