The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Saturday, January 7, 2017

OpEd January 10th #NoDAPL Global Coalition Bernallillo County Meeting to Divest form Fossil Fuels

On January 10th  #NoDAPL Global Coalition and Fracking the Rio Grande Valley will be demanding that Bernalillo County divest from Wells Fargo’s fossil fuel investments strategies. [i] [ii]

We demand that the County of Bernalillo cancel its banking relationship with Wells Fargo.

We furthermore demand that the County Of Bernalillo issue a new Request For Proposals (RFP) for fiscal agent services that includes preference given to financial institutions who do not invest in large-scale new fossil fuel infrastructure damaging our climate and democracy.

We act in solidarity with the global #DefundDAPL campaign that has successfully divested 10s of millions of dollars to date from the banks financing DAPL.

Still better, we demand that the County of Bernalillo accelerate the process for establishing a Public Bank so that the County is not entangled in another four-year commitment to any other banking institution than its own Public Bank.

Our Public Bank will not invest in DAPL, it will invest in projects that benefit our own community.

We are providing a resolution for Bernallio County to start divesting from Fossil fuels and support renewable and clean energy. 

Public pressure can force DAPL’s lenders to confront the reality that they are backing companies who are openly violating human rights, defying the rule of law, undermining the regulatory process, and threatening our planet with climate change. Now is the time to use our power as consumers and customers to demand these banks divest from DAPL.

Bernalillo County and the City of ABQ actions will show us where they stand.  What will it be, Oil or Water?[iii]

Air emissions in the San Juan Basin are the 1st per capita in GHGE. [iv] The San Juan Basin emits  more than the Porter Ranch leak did in its entirety  in Los Angeles. NM is one of the largest emitters of GHGEs in the lower 48 states. [v] We must stop it. NOW! 

Divest from Wells Fargo and invest locally. The banks responsible for the crash in 2009 should no longer be rewarded with tax dollars for investments. [vi] WELLS FARGO MADE A RISKY INVESTMENTs IN DAPL with New Energy Transfer and SUNOCO Oil they believe they deserve,  no matter what the costs are to communities, to people and to nature they roll over everything in their path. If allowed they will continue to contaminate water and spew toxic air emissions that drives climate change, destroys water sources and endangers health.

We have a way to fix the budget in this State.
We can implement an impact fee and dividend system with a new revenue stream that cuts emissions and supplements the budget concerns around the funding of a dying industry. Jobs would be created to turn off emissions and could be designed to give rebates to resident for economic stimulus. [vii] A stimulus can be creatively designed for cities, counties and states.  

Please transition away from supporting banks that invest in fossil fuel. It comes down to OIL OR WATER? [viii]

We are sending a message to that we must protect our water, stop current emissions! Keep it in the ground! [ix]

Everyone can do the same  and vote with your packet book, divest from banks that support fossil fuel investments.  We should all be water protectors.

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