The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Monday, January 9, 2017

Commissioner Jay Block Statement concerning the P&Z commission

I received a statement from Commissioner Jay Block today in response to the flier that went out this weekend. I told Commissioner Block that I would post his side so that the neighborhood could decide on his intentions:

1-Block was told my Mike Springfield he could appoint his own commissioner as other newly elected officials have done.
2-JoAnne was upset about being removed from the commission.
3- Block reached out to discuss with her. She refused to answer phone calls
4-County attorney talked to Joanne this aft
ernoon and explained the law and how a clerical mistake does not enter into a legal binding. I was told Joanne accepted this and understands she will fill out the remainder of Sam's term which ends in Mar 2017. Sam's 2 year term started in March 2015.
5-Block will be sending out a request through his Facebook page for P&Z applicants. He is looking for technical background who has served in government and industry.
6-There was never any illegal attempt by Block

Commissioner Block was not aware of the meeting official record that recorded the vote as unanimous regarding filling the two year

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