The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Saturday, January 7, 2017

OpEd Oil Industry, #NoDAPL and Fracking Ordinance in Sandoval County

The Fossil Fuel industry threatens our drinking water supplies and air quality of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Valley that will exacerbate extreme drought conditions and cause health impacts. We could see these impacts very soon because Albuquerque and Rio Rancho  now face similar property takings as the Pine Ridge and Standing Rock  Sioux Nations are now experiencing  and hundreds of other communities across the US 

The water protectors are here to tell you that “The DAPL FIGHT IS NOW ON YOUR DOORSTEP! [i]

On November 20th, 2016, the excessive force violence water protectors endured maimed and injured nearly 300 protectors with paramilitary using surveillance, tear gas, rubber bullets, sound cannons, water cannons with impunity against unarmed prayerful citizens. [ii]North Dakota white nationalist Morton County Sheriff inflicted this violence with the help of TigerSwan, (A.K.A. Blackwater) paramilitary operations.  The para-militarized border at Standing Rock is repressive, Illegal and unconstitutional.

According to Former Mayor Jim Baca’s Blog that Mayor Berry has considered using TigerSwan, (A.K.A. Blackwater) paramilitary operations to counter freedom of assembly and free speech in Albuquerque, all in the name of public safety.[iii] Mayor Berry and Brad Winter armed with the knowledge of 8,000 wells West of Albuquerque and potential resistance is considering paramilitary response to use on the citizens of Albuquerque  giving them a foothold into the State of New Mexico.  Are they going to paramilitarize the West Mesa like they did Standing Rock Sioux Tribe?

This is an industry that has corrupted and has colluded with government officials and legislators to ignore regulations, laws, and invade state agencies to write bogus ordinances and allows de-regulation that govern oil industries whose private profits supersedes without regard for the millions of people in this country that have property taken and their health and welfare ruined in the process.

WPX is one of the most egregious air emitters and dirtiest corporations operating in NM and now shamefully, the Governor appointed this huckster CEO head of the Oil and Gas Conservation Bureau. We have no State Government protecting us from oil and gas takings.[iv]

The oil and gas ordinance that is currently being written for Sandoval County is a sham, in that Industry has had input. The OAG Found Sandoval in Violation of IPRA [v] needless to say the County still refuses to give us the safety plans we asked for.  Meanwhile, the group of 40 NM residents working on this ordinance, working to protect their water and air are left out of the process and will be collateral damage, as they have been disenfranchised from the process.[vi] The democratic process in New Mexico is at imminent risk because the people’s voices go unheard. A government that does not protect its citizens from health and welfare risks becomes the corporate state of inverted totalitarianism. 

These type of considerations are shameful and opens government up to more litigation at the taxpayer expense, it is the wrong approach for all.

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