The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sandridge Energy gets pass back to the P&Z Commission

Tonight the Sandoval County Commission granted Sandridge their request to postpone the hearing before the County Commission saying they needed to submit more information to the county. The Board voted 4-1 to remand the case back to the P&Z. 
The crowd was disappointed that we still have this issue hanging over their heads. Our group asked that the application be heard tonight and then voted down. The Board followed what they have done in previous cases where they remanded cases in order to give the applicant more time to provide needed information. This is third time they changed the process without asking for Sandridge to reapply. They were granted a waiver for a public information meeting, they got to amend their application in Dec and tonight they were granted more time. The P&Z will hear it March 23rd, and we go through the same process again. The Sandoval Board of County Commissioners may end up hearing this case in April. 
More to come... We will be there, Fighting the Good Fight! 
Tonight we may be on the news Channels 4&7 were there.

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