The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

County Commission Meeting Feb 18th

All hands raised against fracking in the Rio Grande Valley
Tell the Sandoval County Commission 
NO to Fracking and Oil Drilling  

6 pm 
County Commission Chambers 
3rd Floor 1500 Idalia Road, Building D Bernalillo, NM 87004 

Sandridge Energy/AMREP Application goes before Sandoval County Commission
This is your time to voice your concerns on oil drilling and fracking in our community. We need the largest turn out ever to vote down the application.

PROTECT our property values by voicing opposition to this application 
PROTECT our children and our families health,
PROTECT our community from: unfunded mandates, catastrophic accidents, impacts to first responders, water contamination including surface and ground water, road destruction from, excessive vehicle traffic, noise, toxic fumes from hauling, flaring and methane and other VOCs releases from fracking and drilling operations.  

There are over 30 Impacts from fracking to our community that violated the zoning ordinances as it now stands. Sandridge Energy/AMREP is asking for a special use permit. Go to our  website, download the resident form, write a 300 word statement for 2 minute comments or submit to County Commission via email. 
County Contact List on website.


Make a call, write an email or request an appointment to ask the County Commissioners:

Vote down the Sandridge AMREP application,
Move to establish a moratorium on oil and gas drilling, 
Vote to establish a strong oil and gas ordinance for Sandoval County. 

We still Need People to Cover * 9 More topics to cover.
Anyone wanting to Cover these impacts at C0unty Board Meeting?
Health Effects -- #17
Public Safety -- School Bus safety, Children's Welfare.

And any number below that
does not have a persons name and an asterisk *

#1 - Adverse Effects on Farmland *
#2 - Adverse Economic Development *
#3 Jackie Coombs - Housing Costs and Scarcity
#4 - maybe Donnie or Paul Allen - Property Values *
#5 Mike Milliard - Truck Safety and Road Conditions
#6 Paula Smith - Air Pollution
#7 Jackie Coombs - Crime Associated
#8 - Difficult WorkForce Retention*
#9 - Constraint of Growth *
#10 -Paula Smith & Lesile macFadden - Earthquakes
#11- Environmental Imacts From San and Gravel Mining
#13 Janice Bilbao - GroundWater/Well Casings
#16 - Infrastructure inadequacies*
#17 - Health Effects *
#25 - Wildlife Loss of habitat *
#26 - Loss of Open Space *
#27 Elaine CImino - Noise Pollution *
#29 - Soil Erosion *
#30 - Soil Compaction*
#31 - Strain on Water Infrastructre*
#32 Benton Howell -Surface Water
#33 Elaine Cimino -Visiual blight
#34 Robert Lang -Waste Water
#35 Dave Smith - Mike Neas - Palicitas Coalition - Water Depetion

See the precedding blog, Impact of Fracking. pick a topic, read the impact summary and ordinance and master plan citation that the impact violates. Then read your statement on the issues in 250-300 words, a person only has 2 minutes to speak.  We need more speakers to read and submit their statement at the meeting for the record. 

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