The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Thursday, February 25, 2016

RIO RANCHO CITY COUNCIL Candidates Overwhelming in favor of Drilling

Our resident researcher reviewed the city council forum on YouTube. At the 1:10:10 mark the candidates are asked about Sandridge and drilling. I took notes for each speaker, but there was a battery change so several answers were not shown. Also, Rio Rancho observer placed an article endorsing one candidate from each district. Each of their endorsements were in favor of drilling with another company. 

District 1
Joshua Hernandez - in favor of drilling - endorsed by the Observer
Joanne Dudley- no comment either way
Jim Owens - seemed to be against

District 4
David Bency - for drilling - endorsed by observer
Chris Balzano - maybe - pat answer
Battery change, did not hear other speakers

Does anyone know where the other candiates in this district stand on oil drilling? 

District 6
Marlene Feure - seemed to be cautious perhaps against - endorsed by observer 
Ron Hensey - for
Ryan Parea - pro oil

A commone was made on the Facebook article that each candidate endorsed seemed to be in favor of another company drilling. The comment was deleted. Fancy that!

Go to the 1:10:10 mark for Sandridge comments

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