The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Can you write an LTE? Sandoval O/G ordinances, fracking impacts, to protect out Water, Air, health and safety?


The following Guest Column appeared in the ABQ Journal yesterday by Ryan Cangiolosi, Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. We need your help to generate more opposition and media attention on Sandoval County's draft oil and gas ordinance. The ordinance lacks safeguards and protections for communities, clean air and water, and our environment. We need Sandoval County residents to make their voices heard and stand up for clean air, water and healthy communities. 

We can also use help (even from non-Sandoval County residents) to rebuttal the inaccurate points made in this article. 

"Sandoval County, and every county for that matter, should leave the enactment of oil and gas regulations solely with the state, as they have the staff, resources and expertise to oversee the industry."

FACTS: The NM Oil and Conservation District (NMOCD) is failing to fulfill its duty to enforce New Mexico’s oil and gas rules. In particular, inspection capacity is inadequate; violations are arbitrarily assessed; violations are inadequately reported and tracked--information that does exist is not transparent, civil fines cannot be assessed by the NMOCD, fines are rarely issued to violators, and fines inadequately to punish or prevent irresponsible behavior by oil and gas operators. 
Learn about more New Mexico facts here: Earthworks Enforcement Report

"The second recent issue is the U.S. Senate’s failure to repeal an Obama-era rule on methane emissions, an effort our Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich unsurprisingly led the fight against. The Bureau of Land Management rule imposes significant burdens on energy production on federal lands, hurting producers in New Mexico, many of whom hold leases on federal land, as the industry already suffers from low prices"
FACTS: (1) The BLM Waste Rule is very cost-effective and builds on lessons from successful policies pioneered in Colorado. It’s a win-win for America’s economy, fighting the waste while also helping to create thousands of jobs thanks to the fast-growing methane mitigation industry. Plus, it reduces toxic pollution in communities. (2) New Mexico is home to 11 companies that specialize in methane mitigation. Policies that require drillers to use these tools will bolster the industry and provide highly skilled, good paying jobs to New Mexico. Thank you Senators!
A few outlets to submit to:

Any takers? Happy to help!!!

Miya King-Flaherty - Public Lands fellow
Sierra Club: Rio Grande Chapter

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