The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recommendations from our grassroots citizen group for alternative solutions:

1. Vote down approval of the rezoning change and protect the community, property and human rights in the County of Sandoval. 
2. We recommend a Moratorium on Fracking and Oil drilling in Sandoval County for all the region. Santa Fe County already has one in place.
3. Institute a Carbon Fee and Dividend (direct to households) system on all Hydro Carbon Sources to all new and existing wells is an economic solution for Budget shortfalls from oil and gas. 
4. 10 Million dollars or more should be the start of the bonding process for any venture and that is not considering a Post Closure, on closing wells and cleanup operations, when companies like Sandridge go bankrupt

If there are any other reccomendations please post in comments 

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