The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oil and Hydraulic Fracture Drilling in Rio Rancho NM not in our best interest

Sandridge Energy oil drilling company has applied for permit to drill for oil and hydraulic fracturing (Fracking) for gas 2 miles west of Rio Rancho City Limits.

There are an estimated 7,000 homes west of Unser Blvd that would be in the Red Zone of toxic environmental and economic impacts. Drilling effects would potentially cause earthquakes, water discharges and emissions to the upper Albuquerque Basin and how it affects the Rio Grande Rift.  AMREP/ Outterrim Investments have 10,000 Parcels to lease minerals rights.  

In order to drill near Rio Rancho a zoning change is needed. The Sandoval Planning and Zoning Commission must recommend or deny the Special Use zoning change, then it goes to the County Commission for their approval or denial.

On January 28, 2016 the Planning and Zoning meeting will be held at the County Building at 6 pm public input on zoning change.

If oil drilling were allowed, Rio Rancho would face several risks:

·      Proposed drill site goes directly through Rio Rancho’s aquifer exposing drinking water in the RioRancho municipal and domestic wells to cancer causing toxins. An accidental spill or leak will contaminate aquifer. 

·      Property values have dropped from 10-30% in communities where oil drilling and fracking are present. Can you afford that on your property?

·      Air Contamination from oil and gas drilling is known to cause asthma in children. Children are particularly susceptible.  Oil drilling is known to release Hydrogen Sulfide, which is toxic and flammable.  Surrounding homes may be exposed especially those who have wells.

·      Nearly truck 600 trips 24/7 would be needed to develop one well. If oil and gas is found more oil and gas wells will go up. The truck traffic will increase causing damage to roads and increased noise levels near homes with this cost are transferred to the taxpayer.

·      Are you prepared to buy clean water and truck to your home? Are you prepared for purchasing 500 to 1,000 water storage tanks for drinking water?


We need the largest turn out ever!

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