The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Is this Democracy? Sandoval County Commissioners force vote on ordinance; SHAME ON the County Commissioners!

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 Sandoval County Commissioners force vote on ordinance: w new commissioner prior P&Z Commission work session, discussion, and recommendation

THIS IS YOUR WATER when this is approved. Once you see the drilling rigs it will be too late to stop it. September 7th, 2017 6 pm The Board of County Commission is scheduling a vote. 
September 5th Link for Documents for meeting at the Planning and Zoning Commission  They will discuss and not VOTE on suggested changes to the draft ordinance or make recommendations They are scheduled to do this on September 12th.
    TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 – 6:00 P.M.
    1. DISCUSSION- Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Revision, Section 10D.13 (Oil and Gas Exploration and Production) Issue(s) to be considered: A. The Planning and Zoning Commission will discuss a Draft Ordinance presented by Commissioner Stoddard, and Staff’s Amendments to that Draft Ordinance.
    Posted 8/25/17
    Commissioner Chapman Usurps P&Z Commission
    However, that “Dastardly Deed Do’er”  Chapman decided to steamroll residents destroy water and Air by pushing for a vote on the ordinance that has no protections for water and Air, which the oil and gas industry provided Mr. Stoddard who is being propped up to run for Commission District 1 seat.
    SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 – 6 P.M.

    Item #8 on the agenda
    Request for a Motion to Allow the Board of County Commission to Review and Discuss the Proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance as brought forth by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Stoddard and Request for a Motion to Publish and Post the Proposed Oil and Gas Ordinance as brought forth by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Dan Stoddard.

    When this was brought forward at the County Commission meeting on September 24th that vote was stopped by commissioners Jay Block and Eichwald. However, Gov Martinez heard about this and appointed her deciding vote to allow the oil and gas industry unfettered access to water and in the Rio Grande Valley while preempting tribal consultation. the new District one Commissioner is J. F. Holden-Rhodes Retired military that likes to drive his four Jaguars.

    Important meetings September 5th and 7th. Please attend 
We are currently exploring ways to Appeal and/Repeal any decision that Commissioners make on this Ordinance. Look for our post on Petition Campaign to Repeal ordnance. Our region needs a progressive regional solution, not the same neoliberal planning ideologies like we are witnessing in Houston that the Oil industry was allowed unfettered deregulation and now has poisoned the groundwater forever in the region.

Common Ground Rising has filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General on Record and Open Meetings Act violations. We will be holding a community meeting soon for Sandoval County Residents to explore our options to Appeal and or Repeal the county's Decision.

Please contact us if you can help with Phone calls and Phone Tree to get out the vote on a Ballot Initiative to overturn Commissioners ordinance decision for a moratorium. The Ballot Initiative Group (BIG) idea to take back our democracy would like door-to- door canvassers to sign up voters to support a special election per precinct.  We are looking for 60 volunteers. Please help our democracy is at stake. 

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