The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Monday, May 29, 2017

Call to Action: FrackEnchantment County Meeting

Here is Asha Canalos speaking at the recent meeting on the firsthand experience of when fracking  comes to town and what happened in her community.

We are asking people to come to meeting on June 1st and June 15 to submitted your public comments at the county commission meetings. (Regularly Scheduled meetings)   
At The 
Sandoval County Admin Bldg 3rd floor 
1500 Idalia Rd NE
Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004
Call to Action and Volunteer help needed. 
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UPDATE Call to Action: FrackEnchantment
County Meeting Make Your Public Comments
JUNE 1st cThursday 6PM 

Meeting is at the Sandoval County Administration bldg 3rd Floor
1500 Idalia Rd  Bernalillo NM 87004

This is a regularly scheduled County Commission meeting and our opportunity to give a passionate comments for a strong comprehensive ordinance plan similar to the County Santa Fe ordinance  The County omitted  oil and gas discussions from the Agenda this week. We expect them to do that next meeting on June 15th when they will give the P&Z  and Planning staff their decision on a direction to move.  This is why...

Public comments needed from the citizens who value clean drinking water, clean air, healthy communities and our safety. The above picture shows a frack site now in operation in Sandoval County. Very similar to the site that exploded last year. OCD has issued waivers that allowed these sites within 350ft of homes and schools. This is one reason why we need the ordinance.

Is this what you want to see here?

There are few water protections in the current draft ordinance that will protect the drinking water for nearly 1 million people living in the Albuquerque Basin.

There it is highly likely that there will be 15,000 oil and gas wells up the 1-25 corridor, across the west Mesa and up in the East Mountains.

Think about it. Short term profits and corporate handouts to these carpetbaggers who will leave rotting infrastructure, poisoned water and air, shorten the lives of many people in the region. this has resulted int
respiratory disease, cancers, chronic diseases,  in people and  dead livestock and animals that  are still born and have deformities. The Air and the water table are being poisoned. 3600 spills with no clean up or a 99.5 % rate of no fines since Gov Martinez took office. She received 1 Million Dollar campaign contribution from industry.

Now Ken McQueen Secretary of NMEMRD suggested that Sandoval County streamline the permitting process for wells, along with the drillers state permit, to expedite the process with a 10 day turn around. What would we expect from a former WPX CEO. BTW it was WPX plant that exploded last year.

Not acceptable. Come to the meeting if you want to submit your comments to the County about their support for streamlining the permitting process and not having an ordinance.

If you believe "water is life" you must be there!
Mni Wiconi
We need Volunteers for the Following Days

there is another meeting Scheduled for June 15th.
Here is what we are planning and how you can help get the Word out
Phone Tree Callers
Email Elaine at Ecimino10 (at)
She will send you a script and list of Numbers to Call

Street Sign Demonstrations  
Street Sign Protests - Handheld signs  8-10 for each locations
(hand painted Legible) Signs welcomed from Community
  • 528 and Southern Blvd RR  Monday & Thursday
  • Unser and Southern Tuesday & Friday
  • 528 and 550  Wednesday & 
June 6-9 and June 12-14
with media coverage between the
Hours of 4:30pm - 5:30 pm

We Need Help Outreaching to La Madera and the East Mountains. Budaghers,
Pena Blanca, Algodonnes and all the Pueblo Communities. 

Please share Info
Contact us by Email  let us know when
you can make it .
we can bring signs or make your own
Email Elaine at Ecimino10 (at)


Major hazardous Pipeline Exposed during Rain Event in Las Huertas last year
Pipeline in over 60 years old and has a high potential to contaminate ABQ Drinking/ground Water basin.
The Red areas on the map shows a portion of what will be fracked in this Section of the County it Includes
Rio Rancho and Rio Rancho Estates, La Madera, Placitas, Algodonnes, Budaghers, Pena Blanca IF you know people living in these areas
Please Share Info
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