The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Friday, August 5, 2016

2016 TECO PNM Integrated plan for NM and Public hearing Info

If there is anyone on this blog who knows more about this issue please contact me.
This type of storage containment and processing plant exploded near Chaco Canyon last month
Oil and gas wants to checkerboard the entire state of New Mexico (check out maps in plan links below)
In your Electric Bill this past month there was a gas pipeline notice of gas pipelines being constructed in the 2016 integrated plan

The gas companies are fear harping on the 2011 Climate Freeze that caused a gas shortage where thousands of people in northern NM  were without gas in severe frigid temperatures. 

Instead of a big picture overview the TECO / NM GAS /PNM is integrating electric and gas plans to run pipelines , processing plants through NM and under the border to Mexico. 

This is preparing for LNG that will be part of the TPP and shipped out of the Country to whomever buys the resources here. Under TPP treaty as a state we cannot disallow the sale of the  resources/gas. 

Residents need to be assured that the cold freezing climate will happen again and that we need to keep our resources here in the ground and support existing upgrades to stop methane releases that are some of the worst in the world.

Below there are a series of links for you to look at, and something to when discuss when considering the Sandoval ordinance and how these pipelines/refinery will effect drilling in Sandoval Counties and elsewhere. 

This is how the Gas companies work, they piecemeal PROJECTs so that there is no master plan, regarding funding, construction and resource management & safety, or transport and refining of gas throughout NM and delivery out of the country. There is hub refinery in the Plans around Rio Rancho in 2012 they said it was to expensive, check out the maps in the plan and see where the nearest processing plant and pipeline or drilling rig  is to you. 

August 15th is the deadline for anyone wanting to intervene in the lawsuit 
Does any know more about this lawsuit? if so, Please contact me I want to know more

October 12 2016 Public hearing on PRC PERA BLG BOARDROOM 1120 paseo De Peralta Santa Fe NM Stipulation and testimony in support of stipulation shall  be filed by Sept 16, 2016 

opposition to any stipulation shall be file by Sept 21 2016 ... SEE BOTTOM LINKS to BROWSE

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