The Aquifer when fracked

The Aquifer when fracked

Sunday, April 3, 2016

OIl and gas lobbyist Gallagher says the County misled them ont he Sandridge application 

LOL---  So we are now being labeled and marginalized by oIl and gas because over 2600 people spoke out against fracking and oil drilling!
Please note it is only because the oil and gas industry has flat lined, the job loss and the hit to the state and local economies in NM that we now have a voice to politicians. 

I think Mr. Gallagher should point that finger right back to the failed lobbying strategies from the gutting oil an gas regulations and to convincing the state politicians and regulators to rubber stamp and "Streamline" the permitting process; while making sure there are no ordinances at a County level that would hinder unbridled drilling and destruction of the planet and running local communities into the ground. 

But make no mistake they fear the Oil and Gas industry that is evident in several areas of politics such as the Democrat platform committee that lost having a Democratic progressive platform by 3 votes, because the oil and gas industry led the LEA County contingent to take over the party. 

The tentacles of the insipid strategies by oil and gas are rhizomes developed to marginalize parties, platforms and people. 

There are 1000's of well leases and permits given if the price oil rises you can be sure they would want to develop all these wells. 

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